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      The Largest Paintings

      This page contains thumbnails of John's art.   These pieces are sized unframed
      and larger than 15" x 15". To view a larger image of the art, click on a thumbnail.


    Click to view larger image.   Click to view larger image.


    "The Tune Up"
    Pen, ink and oil on canvas
    22 1/2" x 25" framed




    "Simonyi's Journey"
    Pen, ink, oil, and glass on canvas
    22" x 26" framed

    Originally started before Charles
    Simonyi's space flight to the
    International Space Station
    and back (April 7-21, 2007),
    this piece evolved dramatically
    into a representation of Simonyi's
    life journey -- imagination,
    technology, reality -- crystallized.
    "Simonyi's Journey" was
    completed by John while Simonyi
    was in space. The piece uses
    many shades of metallic paint.




      To purchase John's art or to inquire about commissioned art, please e-mail  Sterling Images Gallery is the exclusive  agent for
      the art of John Cerminaro.

      All photographs and scans of John's original art and the original art itself
      is Copyright 2006-2009.  John Cerminaro.  All Rights Reserved.  Please
      do not download or otherwise copy these pieces of art.


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    Copyright 2006-2009. John Cerminaro. All Rights Reserved.
    Updated October 22, 2009